There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge.


Laboratory services at Ibn Sina Hospital provide service round the clock with a primary focus that patients come first, reporting results that help provide answers for physicians and patients.Through the application of leading-edge technology,the laboratory services at Ibn sina hospital prides itself on providing rapid turnaround time, affordable inpatient & outpatient testing.


Physiotherapy encompasses rehabilitation, injury prevention and health promotion/fitness. The profession employs a holistic approach to treatment, looking at the patient’s lifestyle and engaging them in their own treatment

Physiotherapists are experts at providing physiotherapy treatment for:

Preventing injury and disability;
Managing acute and chronic conditions;
Improving and maintaining optimal physical performance;
Rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability;
Educating patients to prevent re-occurrence of an injury.


ibn Sina Pharmacy is a progressive and dynamic  Pharmacy that is committed to the healthcare charter and service to the community. We are very proud in saying “WE NEVER CLOSE”. Ibn Sina Pharmacy is the only  pharmacy of its kind in the Budgam that is open 365 days of the year 24 hours a day. Ibn Sina Pharmacy allows the patient to procure their medicines in the hospital premises itself, thus avoiding the need to hunt for these in the city at odd hours.


Your colon helps your body absorb water and nutrients from the food you eat. It’s also where your stool is formed. The last third of your descending colon is called the sigmoid colon. It’s connected to your anus by your rectum. A colonoscopy helps doctors examine the entire colon. But sometimes only the sigmoid colon warrants close inspection. That’s when a doctor will recommend a sigmoidoscopy. A sigmoidoscopy, also called a flexible sigmoidoscopy, is a procedure that lets your doctor look inside your sigmoid colon by using a flexible tube with a light on it.


The kidneys filter your blood by removing waste and excess fluid from your body. This waste is sent to the bladder to be eliminated when you urinate.Dialysis performs the function of the kidneys if they’ve failed. According to the National Kidney Foundation, end-stage kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are performing at only 10 to 15 percent of their normal function. Dialysis is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood using a machine. This helps keep your fluids and electrolytes in balance when the kidneys can’t do their job.


The Ambulance Service is an integral part of Emergency Medicine Department.This medical vehicle is extremely needed forthe people or patients who require the quick medical service.
This type of vehicle must be on time because the second delay of the ambulance will change someone’s life. Because of that, the role of ambulance is needed in the middle of society.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos – the trees, the clouds, everything.”